Everything, pretty much

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Seems to me that everything is wrapped in controversy these days. One exception I can think of is the weather. Nobody looks at the sky and says, “You’re raining. But, you’re doing it wrong. Just hear me out and I’ll tell you how it should be done.”

When I was growing up and first heard about acid rain, I didn’t want to go outside. I thought I’d get burned and slowly fizz away into nothingness after weathering the weather year after year. I thought the same about metal and rust– that you couldn’t let anything metallic get too wet, otherwise it would turn to rust-dust in a matter of moments — a belief that precipitated my brother’s first major road-rash incident.

It was pouring rain. We were riding home on our bikes, coming down the last hill a good deal faster than really necessary. And all I could think was that we needed to go faster or we’d be left without bikes. Forrest believed me. He pedalled like a mad-man, lost control and slid along the road for what seemed like forever, tearing skin, grabbing gravel and getting a healthy coating of mud on top, like icing on a cake.

I don’t remember how long it took for him to recover. I still feel terrible about it. I remember him laid out on the couch covered in bandages made out of old socks, and medical dressings, courtesy of our neighbours who are both trained ER Nurses. I felt then, as I still do now, that we are so incredibly lucky to have them: skilled, compassionate, wonderful people who are willing and able to offer support and care to us and others in times of crisis.

Here’s to my brother, for his good humour, humility and quiet strength, Batman and Robin, and the true everyday heroes who are dedicated to making the world a better place, one person, one day, at a time 🙂 ❤



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