Square one

via Daily Post: Pattern

I’ve spent a fair amount of time under my quilt lately. The patterns are just beautiful and I feel so cozy and loved when I’m all wrapped up in one. I have two here, one hand-made by Mom and the other by Grandma 🙂

I woke up late because of the time change which screwed me over – and staying up late just added to a rather murky morning brought to life with a few expletives as I clamoured out the door for a brunch date with a dear friend I’d not seen in forever. I apologize for the delay! :s

Brunch was amazing, company was stupendous and the day chugged along nicely from there. I came home, had tea and toast, a nap, read, played some cello, watched Blacklist on Netflix, which I very much enjoyed and got pulled right into.

I got centred and content, and warm and dry. I made a super dish for dinner, utilizing the vast majority of foodstuffs in my possession and am just now deciding what to do with what remains of my evening… Outlander perhaps?

I’m glad my bananas are finally ripe, and I have lots of bread, peanut butter, honey and hot water to get me through the coming week 🙂

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