Trials of Redundance

via Daily Prompt: Abstract

I’m listening to The Rankins and watching my weekend scatter in iridescence, crafting an idea of a girl.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m going insane. And yet, I know I’m not. I have people, knowledge and power and for the most part, I trust my instincts.

I feel though, this pressure to always be the cleanest, safest, softest version of whatever people expect. And I just can’t pull that off all the time. Sometimes people push hard enough that I get ‘loud.’

Sometimes it all looks as tortured and un-yielding as scrap-metal, taken from a marvel of engineering down to an unrecognizable piece of something twisted and mutilated beyond belief.

And I have to walk away, fighting the urge to run into the other unknown.

Everything will be alright, trust me. Please. I love you 🙂




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