Trop de…Beurk!

I'm super happy the weekend has begun! However I'm kinda pissed that I stink still of a horrible mixture of overpowering scents that was the office today. My throat actually hurts and I feel a tad nauseous. I understand not everyone may be able to shower as needed -- and maybe to you, you smell amazing. I... Continue Reading →



Hey, So I've been busy. Really busy. I've had so many referrals and inquiries come in that numerous times I've been unable to find the top of my desk under all the layers and piles of paper. I haven't stopped calling people and the phone hasn't stopped ringing. Mail is incoming and outgoing at a truly... Continue Reading →


I don't know what it is about today. It's just different. I'm feeling exceptionally methodical, pretty calm, pretty comfy. I felt kind of removed from work today -- like I could have handed it all over to AI and nobody would have minded, and yet still very valued and supported and good. I came home,... Continue Reading →

Love you lots!

A big shout out to my friends and family for helping me feel exceptionally warm and fuzzy the past 7 days! Love you lots. In the past week: Went for sushi with Forrest and Ben Dinner, visit and Beauty & the Beast with Rube and Jade The definition of multi-tasking - whether I was successful... Continue Reading →

Summed up

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. ― Robert Frost The hour is late and I have an early start tomorrow. Tomorrow will be full of happiness in the form of sister-hugs, breakfast, movies and hopefully, restfulness. I've been doing what feels good and it seems to be working 🙂 I've... Continue Reading →

Full of the Dickens

via Daily Prompt: Label Whenever I'm feeling especially distracted, I always recall this quote from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, laugh and think I know exactly how Scrooge must have felt... "I don't know anything. I never did know anything.... I must stand on my head." And I often mutter, "I must have a label... label... Continue Reading →

Honesty’s the best policy

via Daily Prompt: Conquer I don't know about you, but it's been organized chaos here. The days have been full, as has my head. I really am happy to just achieve the little things in life. I do my conquering in the laundry room on weekends, getting dinner done is always a happy moment and... Continue Reading →

Everything, pretty much

via Daily Prompt: Controversy Seems to me that everything is wrapped in controversy these days. One exception I can think of is the weather. Nobody looks at the sky and says, "You're raining. But, you're doing it wrong. Just hear me out and I'll tell you how it should be done." When I was growing up... Continue Reading →

Patrick, Potter & Felix

via Daily Prompt: Luck Happy St. Patrick's Day -- apparently, it is a public holiday in Newfoundlandl. Lucky them! I don't have a lot of green in my wardrobe, nor did I play any fiddle. I played cello yesterday though! And, I really would love to have a Harry Potter marathon and re-watch all the... Continue Reading →

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