Fire and Water

via Daily Prompt: Quicken

The girl steps lightly up the hill, the rain rattling down on the hood of her jacket, beading on the glasses that give sight to the sightless, disrupting puddles and sending regular ripples outwards in mockery of the tangled grapevine that brought the news: the building is burning.

The hope is that everyone is ok. That no one is hurt. That the firemen were faster than the flames. But that’s anyone’s guess. The smoke lingers and the lights of the engines and squad cars called to respond dance madly, breaking up the monotony of the winter evening that has cloaked the neighbourhood in muted tones.

Her pace quickens to catch her heart as the sidewalk folds to the left and impatient and impassioned motorists are brought into view. Caution tape flutters, bordering the scene two doors up.

Everyone is safe and by the window, her cello is waiting.

The girl smiles.


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