Shock to the system

via Daily Prompt: Jiggle

Jiggle makes me think of jello, and jello gives me the heebie-jeebies. I avoid it at all costs.

I’ve been spoiled in the best possible way. My family cares about food. Where it comes from, its nutritional value and the good things that can happen when a family sits down together every night for an hour to talk and eat and listen to music.

I remember growing up and hearing the old ‘a family that eats together stays together’ line and thinking ‘Well, at this rate, I don’t think we will ever come apart!’ Or calling my neighbour up to take the dogs for a walk in the evening… “Ok,” she would say. “See you in 20 minutes, I just have to grab dinner.” 20 minutes! I get that some, maybe even most people eat something in that time and call it dinner, that it is recommended you take at least 15 minutes to eat a meal. But that would never happen in our house. Budgeting time for dinner, I would set aside 60 minutes. If I had homework I might get away with 45.

Food is a labour of love. Finding it, preparing it, eating it, sharing it. It should make you feel good! And more often than not, this concept is lost on people. People saying they are trying to lose weight or go to the gym or on a cleanse or new diet, trying to be healthier. They post endless pictures of the world’s biggest cookie, or a plate-full of pigs in a blanket, their mega beverage from Starbucks  or super-sized diet coke (captions: I want to try this, or lets make these next… So good! My favourite!) and then they wonder why they feel so crummy, why the pounds aren’t falling away. I want to retaliate and post a picture of a tall glass of ice water and a banana (caption: So good! 🙂 ❤ )

Somebody said to me the other day that they were starving. They were going to take the elevator down and get a sausage roll and a pop from the bakery. They wanted pizza, but that would have meant they would have had to walk a block and a half to get it and they just didn’t have the energy. I was stunned. How about an apple? A piece of toast even? A glass of water? Maybe a walk around the block in the sunshine– it was beautiful out– is just what the doctor ordered. Take a break, find some joy. Do what you have to to survive, but find moments to thrive, too. Eat well, live well, be well.

The longer I’m on my own, the more I appreciate what I now view as a rather unconventional upbringing filled with love and common-sense and veggies from the garden. And the more I am shocked by the choices people make or have forced upon them everyday in terms of lifeskills and lifestyle. “What’s your favourite post-workout drink?” my brother was asked once, “A beer?” And he answered honestly, “No. It’s coconut water, actually.” And it made me smile and respect the man even more. Beer and pigs in a blanket have become the norm. And for me, it’s culture shock and it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Do you know water is drinkable? Straight from the tap! Yes, most of us in Canada are fortunate to have this one great luxury (and it is brutally tragic that I cannot say everyone — more on that later). Instead of ketchup and fries, try a sliced tomato with a shake of salt and pepper.

I’m just over people eating food that takes five minutes to read the list of unpronouncables that you find under the “ingredients” heading or to wrestle out of all the excessive packaging, rather than 5 minutes to prepare!

End rant.


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