Let’s talk shop

via Daily Prompt: Hideout

Today’s prompt brought so much to mind. Right now, my mind is anything but calm. I thought of all the forts and hiding places that I’ve found and created, the good times in good company and others when all I’ve been able to think about is taking a break from humanity for a chunk of time. Maybe I could write a new story. Or research more on pirates and their hiding spots. Funny, sad? Fiction or fact? Long or short?

Bach won.

The hideout that’s closest to my heart is affectionately know as ‘The Shop’. Growing up, I shared a room with my sister. Sometimes it was hard to find my own space and just do my own thing. Something was always happening. The activity never seemed to stop: sports, music, friends, school, homework, housework, meal prep…

Our shared room wasn’t the best escape, being rarely empty, not much removed from the hubbub, and with no space to spare. It was, on more than one occasion, impossible for me to navigate to my bed and just chill. So, I went outside or took the dogs for a walk. But the best spot for me, was ‘The Shop’.

This tiny room at the end of the house was my sanctuary. The dogs slept there at night in their crates in the corner– Twinkie still does. Dad’s tools and record collection are neatly stored in a patchwork of coffee cans, and other recycled containers, shelves and toolboxes, on hooks and nails on the walls. Basic lighting, a small heater for the cold, ample seating, radio.

There is a dog door (in a human one), out to the big back yard and another human door to the laundry room and through to the main part of the house. And these doors lock! This was a big one. The fact that one of them locked on the other side, so that technically I could be locked out of the house rather than locking others out of my borrowed space, didn’t bother me. But it is kind of funny to think about.

So, the dogs could come in and visit. I’d do some work on the workbench, read or turn on the radio. Listen to the hockey game or play old tapes or CDs. Or just sit quietly stroking soft heads and gazing into amber eyes, hearing the muted rhythm of the washer-dryer on the other side of the wall and feel the stress fade away.

Mr. Bach Comes to Call (Thanks, Youtube!) is one of my favourites, which I have been listening to while writing this. The Secret Garden, Mozart and the Magic Flute and others played countless times, always managing to leave me feeling  more calm and ready to face the world outside the room again.

How do you unwind? Feel free to comment below 🙂



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