Basic level

I don’t have a clue about some things, and that scares me a bit.

But tuning in to myself is so rewarding. To just trust that everything will be ok and just listen to what I am asking for, and making that a reality if it’s a peanut butter sandwich or a day around town or a hug or downtime, to be serious or silly, explore or stay on the familiar routes.

And it is so cathartic to hear and speak the small truths in a day, to share a moment of connectedness whether spiritual, physical or otherwise and just focus on that one person or thing, idea or feeling. I feel I’m on top of the world.


Today, I sang in the shower and then sat on the floor and took photos. I ate cheesecake and walked back from Grandma’s in late afternoon to find my cousin on the corner. We hugged and I was treated to a bright-eyed-drive-by edition of ‘Happy Birthday’ which was just so perfect.


I came home, found my missing dvd (I won’t even bother telling you how ridiculously anxious I was on discovering it missing, and how happy I was to have recovered it from, where else? The shelf where I keep my slim collection, *palm to forehead*) and my new favourite tune.


Happy Birthday, too, to this wonderful being who means the world to me, and thank you to my friends and family for leaving me in no doubt that I am loved in all ways big and small 🙂


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