First fornight

So… 2017 is here!

I actually can’t recall everything I did these past two weeks– it just seemed like a cool title. Things have been good though. I feel like I’ve hit my stride.

This week, I’ve finished The Secret Life of Bees. Apparently still on my gritty streak, though, as I’ve realized I started my post-MOBY phase with the biography of a kidnapped child, followed by a book on the refugee experience, then Bees— and what’s the next one I grab? Deja Dead! No way! Yes way! I have a dark and twisted mind that wants to read dark and twisted books. Or ones about dogs. Case in point: I read A Dog Named Slugger from start to finish today. I don’t do this on purpose, I swear! I need to switch my subconscious to another channel. Any recommendations going in the other direction, I would be happy to hear! 🙂

First day back at dance today for 2017! It was great 😀 And I will be performing with the group this year as well, which I’m super excited about. My Saturdays have been forfeited to the arts.

I’ve been heavy into hygge lately and it’s been wonderful. And my weekends are my own and I love it! I’m going to melt into a puddle of contentment now.

Until next time,