4 page scribble

I wrote with pencil and paper today what was on my mind — 4 pages later.

What a day for questions and dilemmas and fear. Listening to ‘Fault-lines’ and ‘The Matter of Meat’ on CBC is not doing anything to boost my sense of well-being today.

Quite a bit of rearranging and testing of the waters from inside has been done today.

I really don’t want to go outside. I don’t skate and the pathways are ice-rinks. It’s more stressful than I like to admit. Grandma suggested zip-lining as the new go-to. If it was an option, I’d go for it. Get me off the ground, please. My knee is an interesting shade of purple and as Inspector Clouseau would say, I’ve got quite the ‘bimp’ from my last encounter with the conditions outside.

Today has not been bad. But, my head hurts. I’m just feeling overwhelmingly annoyed, frustrated at the moment. I need to chill and drink some more tea, eat some cinnamon toast and think about dinner. Maybe play some cello?