Basic level

I don't have a clue about some things, and that scares me a bit. But tuning in to myself is so rewarding. To just trust that everything will be ok and just listen to what I am asking for, and making that a reality if it's a peanut butter sandwich or a day around town... Continue Reading →


Neither here, nor there

Today was all over the place. Had a good breakfast, showered, tidied. Watched some Planet Earth. Had a nap, took a walk, grabbed a snack. Read my book. Etc. Etc. Yada, yada, yada. The film Alice: Through the Looking Glass was really good. The book My Secret Sister was decent, if a bit bizarre, which sounds funny... Continue Reading →

Touching base

I had dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. It was great. I love food. I need to focus back on myself, because the world is getting a little too noisy. Tea, cello, dance and books are on my list. Monday's dinner with M+D was delicious 🙂 The milkshake was... wow! And I'm so happy... Continue Reading →


I got so much done today-- I was on ultimate autopilot. I had some fun, cleaned my space, listened to some tunes, talked to Grandma, had some great eats, did laundry, read, danced, sang and saw the sun! I actually watched it come up -- not hard to do these days, being that it rises... Continue Reading →

First fornight

So... 2017 is here! I actually can't recall everything I did these past two weeks-- it just seemed like a cool title. Things have been good though. I feel like I've hit my stride. This week, I've finished The Secret Life of Bees. Apparently still on my gritty streak, though, as I've realized I started my... Continue Reading →

The Sammy Shuffle: part 23

I know 'excellent' is not typically a word people use to describe Mondays. But today was pretty darn good. I'm supposed to be making a real dinner, but I will most likely end up just making popcorn this evening 😛 I've been watching the TV show Switched at Birth - season 4 just popped up on... Continue Reading →

Hey you!

*A brief reminder to myself to make the most of 2017: Do more of what makes you happy Show up. Speak up. Stay current Expression through art Connect the dots Small steps add up Visit more often --people, places and paradise Turn over the closet Turn on the phone Just do it --no filler needed! Let go,... Continue Reading →

Popcorn + Movies

It's been an immersive experience lately! I love being at home, making popcorn and watching and re-watching good films. Captain America: Civil War BBC's Sherlock Bones Inception BBC's The South Pacific Five stars all down the line! Popcorn gets five stars, too 🙂 Inception came out in 2010! Can you believe it? I can't. I... Continue Reading →

4 page scribble

I wrote with pencil and paper today what was on my mind -- 4 pages later. What a day for questions and dilemmas and fear. Listening to 'Fault-lines' and 'The Matter of Meat' on CBC is not doing anything to boost my sense of well-being today. Quite a bit of rearranging and testing of the... Continue Reading →

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