German pencils, chocolate + bliss

via the Daily Prompt: Renewal

This list looks weird written down. But I’ve decided I’m cool with that. I am embracing my weirdness. Doing these things made me feel renewed.


  • Worked in the morning and came home in the afternoon
  • Listened to the same song on repeat for 2 hours
  • Watched movies
  • Ate chocolate, and other goodies… 😀
  • Blogged
  • Puttered
  • Experimented with hot chocolate (4 cups later)… The directions and recipe were CRAP! I say THREE hefty TABLESPOONS and go slowly with the H20, to taste
  • Read 3 books, in part
  • Researched pens: where to by them, how they are made, how they die, and how to possibly bring one back to life — and it turns out, pencils are the better choice all around– the Germans make the best kind. Those guys have the coolest everything: cool dogs, cool cars, cool pencils…

Yesterday was a good day. Today was good too, but more mundane.


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