Take a bow

via the Daily Prompt: Ovation

At first dig, I had nothing I wanted to write for this prompt. All my ideas seemed incomplete and inconsequential, fluff, filler. And I wanted more than that today.

And then, well, the ball started rollin’.

There was discussion over Christmas about the good, bad and ugly of growing up a part of the Coast’s fiddle culture, body image, stage presence, musicality and artistry and the importance of having fun and working hard to prepare for a performance that is enjoyed by both audience and artist(s).

And yet more discussion on disability and community, and sensational, inspirational media stories that just feed the public’s appetite for warm, fuzzy feelings and miss the real meat of the story. Quarterback takes friend with Down Syndrom to Prom or B.C. man documents his journey to overcome cerebral palsy. Everything is laid out so black and white: what an inspirational story, what a handsome, selfless young man, what a good friend, his parents must be proud. Life is hard, but with the right attitude you too can overcome! Sorry, but in my opinion, this is not news and I find the commentary misguided and the focus misdirected. Having healthy, loving relationships is important for everyone. Becoming stronger, healthier and happier and working your ass off to get where you want to be in life is admirable no matter who you are. Disability is not a deal-breaker. Nor is it breaking news. Stop it. Please, and thank you! 🙂

However, this story deserves to be shared, because it is a beautiful, artful performance by a truly talented individual, in tribute to Lenoard Cohen and in the spirit of Christmas. This deserves an ovation for all the right reasons. Enjoy!