via the Daily Post: Fortune

Couldn’t think of anything to write today. I’m pretty fortunate in all areas of my life. But especially during this time of year I’m glad to have grown up on a varied and by all accounts healthy diet. I am not allergic to anything edible. I do not have any dietary restrictions and truly enjoy gathering, preparing and eating all foods.

I really am happy to have my own place though, and not having to wake up every morning to the Vitamix and cacophony that is mes parents unloading the dishwasher.

I’ve tried pretty much all the homemade goodies and had several pieces of chocolate, I’m cozy and warm and the dog is not tied up in knots, so I’m a happy camper. With shopping done, sleep is the last thing on my list for Christmas — one excellent night’s sleep and a get out of jail free card, to spend the day however I choose.

And, this is my new favourite word: “There’s no direction translation for hygge (pronounced HUE-gah), but it’s a Danish term that refers to enjoying life’s simple pleasures and generally staying snug and warm in the face of winter.” (Click here for more info).

All the best,