Dark Horse

via the Daily Prompt: Folly

I recently watched the documentary film Dark Horse.

The film follows a group of working class citizens who have come together to breed, raise, train –and race, a Thoroughbred racehorse. Janet is the woman who worked to make it happen, but to begin with everyone thought she was crazy, including her husband 🙂

I loved just how random, and improbable the idea seemed at first, I mean nobody’s ever tried this before, will it work? I also loved how determined and good natured and supportive everyone was.

You don’t doubt Janet. No. When she says she’s gonna do something, she’ll do it. — Brian Vokes

So much of the time documentaries serve to highlight injustices and power imbalances, or follow individuals on extreme or gruelling journeys, chronicling high-stakes battles against impossible or near-impossible odds to bring attention to the precariousness of our existence. It was great to be able to finish watching a doc and not feel as if the world, too was ending. I recommend it!