This is how the dictionary on my laptop defines/illustrates the prompt…“A complete or impressive collection of things: a deliciously inventive panoply of insults.” Well, my day was that, minus the insults.

I walked to the quay. Shopped the quay. Danced for 2hrs — and it is contemporary– finally pinned down that definition! Also grabbed two books, listened to some Christmas tunes, had a few tearful moments, made pancakes, watched an episode of Bones, ate good food and spoke from the heart, laughed with friends, did laundry and posted this… Not necessarily in that order 🙂

Weather-wise, there’s been a lot of cloud and a little bit of rain, despite the fact that according to one barista, it couldn’t possibly rain today; it being her opinion there would be none left to fall after yesterday’s downpour. The sun made a brief appearance, and snow is in the forecast!

Dance was terrific. Today was the UN International Day of People with Disabilities, so there was lots going on at The Roundhouse, faces new and old came to class and filled the room with positive energy and laughter on our last day for 2016. I’m excited to return in the new year and start work on our performance pieces ❤

I didn’t manage pancakes for breakfast, but they are happening for dinner. I have to go eat them!

Until next time,


*In response to Dec 3 prompt Panoply


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