My own

Retroactively, I think perhaps I’ll print this post and stick it to my fridge, with a note:

Dear Sami,

Read this and know that it is true!

  • I’ve spent a lifetime up against other people’s measuring sticks. And it’s freeing to remind myself that that really isn’t necessary anymore.
  • I have the skills and support and drive to accomplish my goals and live my life in the way that works for me. I’ve done plenty and there’s plenty more to do.
  • Laugh, eat chocolate. Get involved in and enjoy your community. Take some time and space for yourself. Do good work. Trust yourself.
  • It means so much to me, to be where I’m at right now.
  • The impact is positive, and the time and effort it took to emerge– and the value of that work, that narrative and its many authors is recognized.