I want to capture, collect and organize. And yet, in some areas, I'm so dizzy I don't know where to start. I don't want to worry. I refuse to. I attended a BB event downtown where teams from all across BC, as well as ON and MB came together for two full days of learning,... Continue Reading →



It's been a restful weekend, and I'm glad πŸ™‚  

The best parts

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Bombs, concrete analysis and reciprocity

There are things that have left me shattered. Shell-shocked. Reeling. Overwhelmed. So, it's nice, when you pick yourself up and step out again, not to have a bomb detonate and send shrapnel singing dangerously in all directions in retribution for your courage. It's heartening to hear "You are not crazy or cowardly, friend. I am... Continue Reading →

My Narrative

A new tag for all the posts that I feel tell my story or a story, well. An overview or progression or selection of my writings from the very first post forward. It's an experiment πŸ™‚ Explore!

My own

Retroactively, I think perhaps I'll print this post and stick it to my fridge, with a note: Dear Sami, Read this and know that it is true! I've spent a lifetime up against other people's measuring sticks. And it's freeing to remind myself that that really isn't necessary anymore. I have the skills and support... Continue Reading →

Bits and pieces: an update

"There is a crack in everything/That's how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen has died. And, these past weeks have been incredibly difficult.Β It's not been smooth sailing, more like white-water rafting. I'm trying not to discount how I feel. To tell myself that it's ok not to feel ok. There have been bright spots, joyful... Continue Reading →


So many choices, so many views, so many stories. Step up, step out. Decide and conquer, they say. Trust earned and stripped and ever so slowly returned. The devil's in the details, and now it's an all you can eat buffet. All lines are drawn in the sand and meaning prescribed. Keeping your heart open... Continue Reading →

“Both sides now”

Today was very busy. Work was chaotic, and I felt like I was on a treadmill of paper work and pocket dials. I was stressed out in some way, shape or form for about 13 hours 5am-6pm, more if you consider the fact I was so jittery last night, thinking about today that the fact... Continue Reading →

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