Going Still

Off the top of my head:

I’m walking more, that’s for sure.

So grateful to have options and my Stix — back on CF after a bit of a hiatus.

If ever one needed evidence that little things make a huge difference, just try going weeks full-bore with aluminum tubes and chunky rubber and then swapping back to Carbon Fibre and refined components. BIG difference! 🙂 Also, I managed to fix it up without breaking down, which was a relief.

I’m getting faster, which is cool. I like to go fast, effortlessly fast. Feel the wind in your hair and the sweat on your brow fast.

I saw the sweetest lab today. I just wanted to melt on the sidewalk into those smiling brown eyes; ambling quietly alongside his human, he glanced at me with interest and wagged his tail softly in hello.

Got some goods from the bakery to have with my tea, after nearly an hour wandering the shops for inspiration. I have the world’s best cookbook, so, will have to make a comprehensive grocery list and go and grab all the bits to concoct some autumn marvels.

Today was a good day, past few, too. And the week is full of promise. Visits with friends and family, warmth, support and settling back into routines. Right now, life is good.



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