Going Still

Off the top of my head: I'm walking more, that's for sure. So grateful to have options and my Stix -- back on CF after a bit of a hiatus. If ever one needed evidence that little things make a huge difference, just try going weeks full-bore with aluminum tubes and chunky rubber and then... Continue Reading →


Nice manicure

I did play cello, yesterday. I also did dishes, cleaned house, changed the sheets on the bed, and watched movies with popcorn, had tea and read books, had a good chat with Mom about everything except that which she originally called to tell me about and still has not recalled... 🙂 That chat and cello... Continue Reading →

Sloggish WOE

WithOut Explanation. Today is slow. I'm trying to spice it up a bit, here. But I just feel stuck. Pointless. Empty. Forgotten. I could play cello/fiddle. I could email important people. I could read a good book with a cup of tea. I could have an in-house matinee. I could get extra-organized. I could shop for groceries. It all sounds good, it's... Continue Reading →

Out of the storm

This past weekend, I stayed in, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, listened to some tunes, made inquiries, read, slept, didn't stress. After a busy few weeks, it was great to take the pressure off, get cozy, drink tea and watch some good docs and make my own fun. Sami for the win! 🙂  

Grit in print

I finished reading Ru by Kim Thúy. Everything about this book is unique. The author, the language, the history, the binding, the form, the story itself, tracing a 'tragic journey' from Vietnam, to Malaysia, to Quebec -- a narrative told across generations, bridging cultures and weaving undertones of hope and despair throughout. "We felt blessed to be among... Continue Reading →


Note: With the past 6 months of experimentation being the exception, my blog has been closed to comments. But, curiosity killed the cat. I'm curious to know, if I step forward and start a discussion, what might come of it, in the form of good-natured exchanges 🙂 My blog is my safe place to answer... Continue Reading →

Once-over, again

I am not used to seeing myself all at once, but I'm getting better at appreciating what I see in that full-length mirror. Thank you, for the weekend, for hot water, for tea, for kindred spirits. "These slippers are unisex, so they can go on either foot!" --Dad Current goals are to worry less, drink... Continue Reading →


Recently, I'm happy and sad, productive and rather wayward. I'm hurt, still, and afraid despite my best efforts. Time goes very fast and extremely slow. I'm incredibly anxious and deeply content. It's paradoxical. I'm still on my side, and I've got a team with me, so that's super! But everything has seen a significant spike. TGIF, it's been a... Continue Reading →


It really is the best medicine... Today was not the greatest, though I got a lot done. I googled funny quotes to cheer myself up and this one never fails 🙂 May the hair on your toes never fall out! -- The Hobbit I'm off to have soup for supper, and maybe watch a movie... Continue Reading →

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