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Going Still

Off the top of my head:

I’m walking more, that’s for sure.

So grateful to have options and my Stix — back on CF after a bit of a hiatus.

If ever one needed evidence that little things make a huge difference, just try going weeks full-bore with aluminum tubes and chunky rubber and then swapping back to Carbon Fibre and refined components. BIG difference! 🙂 Also, I managed to fix it up without breaking down, which was a relief.

I’m getting faster, which is cool. I like to go fast, effortlessly fast. Feel the wind in your hair and the sweat on your brow fast.

I saw the sweetest lab today. I just wanted to melt on the sidewalk into those smiling brown eyes; ambling quietly alongside his human, he glanced at me with interest and wagged his tail softly in hello.

Got some goods from the bakery to have with my tea, after nearly an hour wandering the shops for inspiration. I have the world’s best cookbook, so, will have to make a comprehensive grocery list and go and grab all the bits to concoct some autumn marvels.

Today was a good day, past few, too. And the week is full of promise. Visits with friends and family, warmth, support and settling back into routines. Right now, life is good.



Nice manicure

I did play cello, yesterday. I also did dishes, cleaned house, changed the sheets on the bed, and watched movies with popcorn, had tea and read books, had a good chat with Mom about everything except that which she originally called to tell me about and still has not recalled… 🙂 That chat and cello and soup and getting cozy on the couch were the highlights of the day. In retrospect, I got a lot done!

I’m watching Bones again. Will I ever get tired of this show? The final season is coming up. The latest victim’s defining feature was her manicure.

Some people say high school was the best time of their lives, it was all about the social aspect. For me, it was better than elementary, that’s all I can say. I was quiet, I studied hard, I sat by my locker and read Tolkien’s The Silmarillion at lunch. I loved peer tutoring and English. I wasn’t a social butterfly, more a fly on the wall. I wasn’t with the ‘in’ crowd, or the ‘out’ crowd, but somewhere confusingly in between. I kind of still am.

I had to google ‘French Manicure’ after my return home, when one of the popular girls complemented me on my nails in all their natural glory, in of all places, a tent on the side of a mountain in the rain during a mandatory trip for OE when all the girls in the class packed into one tent (ironically enough, mine– I being the only one in our randomly assigned group of 4 who owned one) to gossip about stuff that went way over my head and complain about the weather and how greasy their hair was after just 24hrs shampoo-free, how naked they felt without their makeup and how they missed their Starbucks coffee…Don’t get me started.

So, here I was just now, thinking that if I died tomorrow and happened to be found by the team at the Jeffersonian or their real-life counterparts, what would they see? What would they say?

“Nice manicure, on the one hand… On the other… well… she must have played a stringed instrument of some kind because we found traces of cat-gut and horsehair and tree sap and wood fibre beneath her nails– which are very short!”

Yeah, I only cut the nails on my left hand. Why do both when you only need to do one? Plus, I was excited to play and didn’t want to sit through the extra 90 seconds it would have taken to do the right.

What stories do your bones and tissues tell? Do you ever wonder what would be left, erased, revealed?

Sloggish WOE

WithOut Explanation. Today is slow. I’m trying to spice it up a bit, here. But I just feel stuck. Pointless. Empty. Forgotten. I could play cello/fiddle. I could email important people. I could read a good book with a cup of tea. I could have an in-house matinee. I could get extra-organized. I could shop for groceries. It all sounds good, it’s all doable; I don’t want to do any of it. I had a really crappy sleep, so maybe I should start with a nap and a cup of tea. Maybe that will make me feel like less of a ghost. I danced yesterday and came home so fricking tired. And today I’m anxious about a bunch of crap and I don’t even know why. It’s not the end of the world, I know. But it feels like doomsday.


Out of the storm

This past weekend, I stayed in, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, listened to some tunes, made inquiries, read, slept, didn’t stress. After a busy few weeks, it was great to take the pressure off, get cozy, drink tea and watch some good docs and make my own fun. Sami for the win! 🙂


Grit in print

I finished reading Ru by Kim Thúy. Everything about this book is unique. The author, the language, the history, the binding, the form, the story itself, tracing a ‘tragic journey’ from Vietnam, to Malaysia, to Quebec — a narrative told across generations, bridging cultures and weaving undertones of hope and despair throughout. “We felt blessed to be among the two thousand refugees in a camp that was intended to hold two hundred” (14).

I want to be pulled in and read ravenously, to always have a book in hand! Lately, though, I’ve been tiptoeing around, just waiting for another character to drop dead or commit some indiscretion or reveal some heart-wrending detail… I’ve started reading The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kid. Not even ten pages in and the body count is already one. So begins the various misadventures of protagonist Lily Owens, a young, motherless girl growing up in South Carolina in 1964.

Both Ru and The Secret Life of Bees are unquestionably well-written and engaging, honestly though, I’m looking forward to reading something a bit less serious/gritty soon!

I’m still reading The Best of James Herriot, and enjoying every syllable. But being quite voluminous, portability is a problem. In fact, my arms get tired holding it up for more than half an hour 🙂




Note: With the past 6 months of experimentation being the exception, my blog has been closed to comments. But, curiosity killed the cat. I’m curious to know, if I step forward and start a discussion, what might come of it, in the form of good-natured exchanges 🙂

My blog is my safe place to answer the questions that some never ask and ask those that some never answer, to share and connect with others and have a bit of fun along the way. Any questions you have, any answers you’re looking for, anything you have to share, comment below, and we’ll see what happens! Please be kind.


One good or bad thing that happened to you today… Today, I had pancakes for breakfast and 3 cups of tea.

Current favourite artist/work… I would have to say, Harder to Walk (feat. Nora Rendell) by The Fretless. And Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

Look up, what do you see? A white ceiling, with a small cobweb and a hairline crack  to the right that runs all the way across.

One place you’ve been and/or one place you’d like to visit… I’ve been to Texada Island, and I’d like to visit Iceland!

Run with it, friends — and have fun! Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


Once-over, again

I am not used to seeing myself all at once, but I’m getting better at appreciating what I see in that full-length mirror.

Thank you, for the weekend, for hot water, for tea, for kindred spirits.

“These slippers are unisex, so they can go on either foot!” –Dad

Current goals are to worry less, drink more water, and have some fun, because I’ve been taking life a little too seriously.

Homemade Moroccan stew and sister-time is amazing, as are pancakes and lazy Sundays.


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Recently, I’m happy and sad, productive and rather wayward. I’m hurt, still, and afraid despite my best efforts. Time goes very fast and extremely slow. I’m incredibly anxious and deeply content. It’s paradoxical.

I’m still on my side, and I’ve got a team with me, so that’s super! But everything has seen a significant spike.

TGIF, it’s been a long time coming! 🙂




It really is the best medicine…

Today was not the greatest, though I got a lot done. I googled funny quotes to cheer myself up and this one never fails 🙂

May the hair on your toes never fall out! — The Hobbit

I’m off to have soup for supper, and maybe watch a movie with popcorn.