If we had coffee

Let’s drop the facade. I’m gonna come right out and tell you I didn’t know how to start this post. But here it is, such as it is. The idea stemmed from another post/prompt/challenge that I’d seen previously and is a regular theme at WordPress, which is to post as if you were having a conversation over coffee, and not just across cyberspace– something I thought would be fun to try this time round in conjunction with the aforementioned prompt (Facade).

If we were good friends and if we had coffee… this is what I’d tell you.

That I know how valuable time is. How the year has flown by. How I have grown. My love for writing and singing and simplicity.

That I look like Leo DiCaprio in The Revenant, wrapped in my blanket on the floor with my yoga mat and book of Harry Potter; that I can’t yet quote lines from the former, except “I’m here. I’m right here.” –which made me cry.

How fantastic homemade vegan ice-cream is. What beautiful gifts keen intellect, curiousity, humour and patience are to the world. Some of the reasons my heart is broken and many more reasons why not.

How proud I am of my brother, sister, mother and father. And why I love them.

I’d retell the tale of how a wayward Weimaraner once wolfed my burritto, and recall my favourite adventures to date.

I could tell you where to find every last trombone in the building at work, and if we’re running low, I can order you more. Two-bite brownies are the new currency and a delivery of more Worry & Stress is cause for celebration.

How I’ve realized that renting to a drummer may be awful, but living below Irish Dance professionals is rather worse.

The books I am reading, have read and want to read. The last best meal I ate, the most recent documentary I’ve seen, the conversations I’ve had a part in.

And I’d invite you to dinner — but only if you like avocados 🙂 And I’d say, “Let’s do it again, soon!”




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