Start? Barely.

This morning was epic. It was a mess. I barely managed to wake up and get out of bed, nearly falling on my face a half-dozen times. I was running a white-hot temp and felt really icky. Ice water and some air with oxygen in it significantly improved my recovery time, however, my keys remained illusive. Several minutes and muttered curses later, I’m out the door.

Rocky starts aside, the ball began to roll surprising well once I hit the desk. I made at least 40 phone calls, updated databases, files and contacts, assigned cases and taught the volunteer how to wage war on the postal machine. Lunch made me whole, tea kept me going and apparating and disapparating colleagues with admirable senses of humour kept it interesting.

I made a quick trip to the grocery store, got home, did a bit of researching, had a shower, cleaned up, made dinner (so, so good) and am now here, plotting an ending for this post, the day and my over-warm state.

Some people say, when a bad day dawns, that ‘it’s all down hill from here’, but I would have to disagree, because even the most dubious starts can morph into perfectly golden endings, like the one I had today 🙂



*In response to the daily prompt Sept 28 (Disagree)



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