A long time traveller…

Well sometimes you can’t change and you can’t choose/And sometimes it seems you gain less than you lose (Passenger, Holes)

I’ve had my share of dilemmas. Nothing I want to talk about here and now, but they have existed and do exist. They have shaped my experiences, my sense of the world, and my choices.

I’ve been repeating songs for probably about a week, repeating artists. I will listen over and over and never get tired of it, until it hits that as yet unknown rep where suddenly it’s all too much and you simply cannot listen to that anymore or your head will explode and your brains will be all over the walls.

Rather appropriate, are these numbers which top my personal charts for the here and now…

  • Passenger — Holes and Circles
  • The Rankin Family — North Country and The Boat Song
  • The Wailin’ Jennys — Beautiful DawnGlory Bound and Longtime Traveller

I think we are not designed to be away from home for too long, to travel too far or to be out of reach and out of touch for extended periods. I find it interesting how the earth under our feet is perceived to literally ground us. I am fascinated by the brain, and right now, mine is a little haywire, but happy. It’s been a long day, but a good one. If you want to tie current events, brains and tunes together, grounded in scientific inquiry, click here.



*In response to the daily prompt Sept 26 (Dilemma)


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