On point!

I look at my hands, and they are capable. My eyes are bright. My mind is clear. My shoulders are broad and strong. My feet eat up the ground in steady rhythm, in time with the reel singing in my ears. I smile and it is not pretend. I feel beautiful, invincible, warm, happy.

I put some miles on the feet today, powered around town for a good 6km, got a pack full of groceries, visited with Grandma and Aunty Jill, went to the library, cleaned house, prepped and made dinner (a variant on Shepherds pie which is just awesome and a really good excuse for me to indulge in my love of potatoes), blogged, ate a piece of heaven, drank tea, read 2 books, had a nap, listened to some excellent tunes…Saw a spectacular sunset.

It is that feeling that fills you up, fuels you all day, brings awareness to every detail, appreciation for each movement and maintains that balance between effortless joy, and quiet confidence.

I can find it often, but sharing it is harder. “Would you look at that!!!?” is usually all I can say, because these moments make me speechless. Because it’s amazing and it makes me so unbelievably happy! That’s it, right there! Marvel with me, run with me, smile with me, hold me, dance with me. Whether it’s eating nachos in the kitchen, reading a favourite book, flying down the sidewalk, gazing at the stars on a icy winter night or singing along to the song that seems to be written just for you, I feel I have enough enthusiasm for two or more, and it’s just the best when that’s matched and shared among friends.

I like a challenge, enjoy physicality and that which is well executed. I also like sleeping in and rocking out with pancakes on Saturday mornings, tea and conversations on everything from hobbits to Environmental Geography.

And that’s all the enthusiasm I can fit on the page today!

Hoping your day was as good as mine,



*In response to the daily prompt Sept 25 (Pretend)


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