Me: “And I give you…

…the weekend!”

Me: “Thankyou, that’s more than generous.”

I love fall. It rains a lot, and it’s so much more invigorating –for me– than the heatwaves of the summer past. Everything is fresh and new and green, thirstily drinking in life’s liquid, breathing out oxygen. The air is cool and clean, with just a hint of wood smoke that makes me ache for simpler times.

I think I’d do fine in a cabin in the woods. I have so much, suddenly, that I want to say. So many interesting conversations that have come my way.

  • On ending domestication and animals as property and resources for human use
  • On applying for, living on and ultimately coming off of Assistance
  • On the Olympic and Paralympic games
  • On gorillas, sentient beings, shelters, rescues, rehabs, zoos and sanctuaries
  • On friendships, relationships and leadership
  • On veganism, dieting, nutrition and fitness
  • On the world today, population, education, child-rearing and science-fiction
  • On travel
  • On the brain, addictions and revelations
  • On writing, spelling and stories, timelines and processes

Maybe some other time I will explain the above. However, right now I am so happy it is the weekend, and it’s fall and I’m clean and cozy. Dinner was so good! Work was fun. I have an epic day planned tomorrow that starts with a good solid sleep, followed by pancakes.

I’ve been walking more, and reading more. I’m on a roll.

Dance is tomorrow! Finally! 🙂



*In response to the daily prompt Sept 23 (Generous)



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