Jump In

Daily Prompt Sept. 22 (Jump)

Last week, The Celtic Kids (as we were unfortunately, but rather affectionately known at one time in the distant past) had a reunion. It was great. There was sushi on the patio, a million-dollar view and a cozy jam session with some new instruments and some old tunes.

“What is it? How does it go? Wrong key! You forgot the B-part…” 🙂

Playing by ear is fun. You go with your gut, and your fingers find their own way. It is a game of memory and improvisation, melding melodies that have become a part of you after innumerable repetitions and variations. To be able to hear something played and play it back– in tune, is a skill not everyone has, and I’m quite proud to say I do–we do! You can start together or alone and the others jump in when the time is right. And the three of us together (plus Dad!) rounds things out nicely with different styles and strengths, first-fiddle, second-fiddle, third-fiddle, or guitar or cello or piano… We must do it again soon 🙂

This is one of my favourite tunes, Ouagadougou Boogie played by Natalie Haas and Alasdair Fraser, which I will have to sit down and learn one of these days, which always makes me want to jump up and dance. Incidentally, dance starts this weekend, so I can cross that off my list! 🙂

And I’m off to bed, because I’m dog-tired.





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