On paper: it looks good, and it feels good, too. I’m talking about my notebook(s). Sometimes I am compelled to put actual pen to actual paper, because if I didn’t ideas and thoughts and emotions and tasks and research and knowledge would just keep battering my skull, hell-bent on escape. I simply must do it, or waffle for ages. I should get a really awesome combo for committing the ones that are vital, and not just for groceries, etc. The dollar store version will suffice, but it’s high time for an upgrade and this weekend, I’m going shopping!

The one we just had, was going to be the one where I went shopping solo for an assortment of items. But I didn’t, I hung out with my sister and played piano in the sun instead, which was awesome 🙂 I also watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (at home, with popcorn) for the second time, which was just the best! I loved it and that’s all I can say ❤

Any ways, today has been a whirlwind. I’ve 2 concerns, which are not big ones, but ones that will just not go away, with no easy solutions that have yet come to mind. It’s like that 1 mosquito in your tent that manages to squeak in just before you fall asleep, “Neeeeeee… Neeeee…” It’s bloodly, freakin’ annoying!!! And just as difficult to catch. I’m looking forward to the satisfying “Clap” and good night’s sleep, distaste over blood and tiny dead bodies notwithstanding.

I’ve gotta go. The Desolation of Smaug is waiting 🙂




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