High drive & hard drives & canines

I read this prompt this morning and immediately thought of Skype and my dog. My dog is perplexed by Skype. If I’m there in the flesh, it’s a celebration, but if I’m coming in over fibre optics, it’s just down right confusing.

It’s been said that we pick dogs that are like ourselves, that look or act like we do. It has also been said that we are reflected in our dogs. And by and large, I think both things are true — at the very least, it makes for good writing material!

Mr. T. is a terrier mutt. He is small and tenacious and has a unique sense of humour, startles at some really bizarre things (like an empty  canvas grocery bag or ornamental cast-iron crow), likes to do his own thing, but also loves food, belly rubs and snuggles (also balls, Kongs and rope toys). He is not a technologically advanced mutt.

Tessa is a Border Collie something or other. She is of medium build, black with white in spots, funny little ears that stick out the side of her head and big, intelligent brown eyes. She is always busy: on the look out, herding sheep, scent games, rally, agility…You name it, she’s tried it. She loves her squeaky ball with legs (creepy, but fun!) Lamb Chop and just being with her people. She is a technologically advanced mutt.

What made me laugh was thinking about these two dogs and their relationship to me and to technology, and that of their guardians.

When I Skype Mom, it takes a minute to get things sorted. “Can you see me?… Can you hear me?…Why is the camera turned off? What did you say?… Oh! There you are! Twinks,  say, “Hi”to Sam! Where’s Sam? Never mind… Hey Sami, how was your day?” It’s pretty casual -usually, it’s about dinner or the making of 🙂

When I Skype Andrea, Tess is the middle-dog. She knows what the incoming call sounds like and alerts to it faster than you can say “Pick up the phone!” And she absolutely gets that it’s me on screen, which is hilarious in comparison to Twinkie, who has absolutely no idea what’s going on. I’m greeted by two smiling faces and a “Hey!” I’ve got to bring my A game, because the focus is laser sharp 🙂

And, I know that maybe this post doesn’t really have an ending, but that’s ok. I’ve also noticed that apparently 3 smiley faces a post is my subconsciously imposed limit, any more would be overkill — I try not to take things too seriously here, but don’t want to make out like I’m grinning like a fool, either — and any less makes it seem too random.

Anyhow, that’s my minor contribution for today. Good night, friends. Don’t forget to show your dog some love! And if you find PCs rather perplexing, know that Mr. T understands; you are not alone 🙂



*Entry in response to the Daily Prompt September 14 (Perplexed)


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