Random Examples

Funny how some things come to mind right away, ready made and others take some puzzling out, and still others will remain for the foreseeable future, a mystery. This one took some thought… 🙂

Zing. As in to move quickly or bring energy or enthusiasm.

  • My dog –he brings it all in plenty, especially around lunch time.
  • Arrows fly fast –and blades in intense hand to hand combat I picture as ‘zings.’
  • The Crazy Frog video, from way back that I thought was absolutely hilarious!
  • Watching Ice Age in the theatre, where I almost died laughing (insert Sid and the baby flying down the ice tunnel here).
  • Eating grapefruit for breakfast at home,”It’s a party in your mouth!” (Dad).
  • Tunes too numerous to name that inspire movement and joy and bring energy to a room.

*Entry in response to the Daily Prompt: September 12 (Zing!)



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