KALE, KALe, KAle, Kale, kale!

What do you do when you buy a lot of kale? Eat a lot of it!!!

I’ve been eating kale for 3 days, and it’s delicious 🙂

It is amazing in Ichiban soup with some pepper and curry and a truck load of other veggies, and also pretty fantastic in an impromptu mishmash of salmon, black beans, peppers, salsa, garlic, rice, sweet potatoes with basil, a tad of lemon juice, a smidgen of paremasan and pinch of black pepper.

I was going to save some for tomorrow’s dinner. But I ate it all.

Everything is better on a full stomach, except maybe riding The Pirate Ship at the PNE 🙂

Good night, I plan on sleeping like the dead.




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