Extripation & Reintroduction

The bookworm is making a comeback! 🙂

Here’s the latest:

    1. I started the year 2016 on a mission to read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series in its current entirety, not just taking an idle flip-through, but going in for the long haul. Mission accomplished! I have read all 8 books and am eagerly anticipating the as yet unknown publication date of the 9th, Go Tell the Bees that I’m Gone. If I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be the first one. The entire series falls into my “Comfort” collection– books that I can open at any page, any time to find welcome distraction.


    1. Days after leaving Jamie and Claire on Fraser’s Ridge, I found myself at the City Library on my lunch break. Robert Scott’s Shattered Innocence claims to tell the untold story of Jaycee Lee Dugard, abducted at age 11 and found alive 18 years later. It was a difficult read, for several reasons. I found the author’s writing style awkward, blunt and uninspiring. Maybe 30 pages contained Jaycee’s story, with the rest of the book being filled with accounts of how tragic and disturbing the lives and characters of her captors  were, and how many critical mistakes were made along the journey to discovery of what on the surface would appear to be a successful investigation. I would be interested to read Jaycee’s autobiographical accounts, A Stolen Life and Freedom: My Book of Firsts.


  1. Currently, I’m reading The Best of James Herriot which is amazing! I found the book while thrift shopping with Rube, and had to have it. Filled with stories, photos and facts in the margins, I can’t think why anyone would give this beautiful hardcover edition up! But rest assured it will be well-loved and well-read from here on in.



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