Struggles and Solutions

Okey dokey… 🙂

So, today’s prompt required a bit more digging around in my brain for starters than any one previous.

Elegant…The first thing that comes to mind is the colour black. An elegant black dress is the classic representation. And already, I feel out of my depth. I’m more of an elegant solutions person, as opposed to an elegant black dress kind of person. And the first that comes to mind? My SideStix.

They are incredibly versatile, go everywhere I do, and make movement so joyful. I’ve been on crutches a long time and it hasn’t always been fun… Sore shoulders and wrists; missing parts, scrapes and rust; a pair of tips that took less than 20 steps to wear all the way through, from the cashier to the door of the shop and back again; ridiculously heavy, very loud, cringe-worthy, creaky and colourful…. I’m a bit of a crutch connoisseur 🙂

I remember high-school in particular, feeling like such a physical battle, fighting through the halls to get to class with books on my back, with the constant click, thunk that made my arms feel like lead weights, with wrists on fire, and shoulders at a dull ache.

All through my elementary and high-school years, I had an IEP (Individual Education Plan aka Irritating in the Extreme Personal shadow) which, among other things, meant I would be followed everywhere, and asked every 5 seconds if I was feeling ‘fatigued.’ I hated it. What happy, healthy 7 year-old ever gets fatigued? The word has such a negative connotation, for me implying illness and struggle, pain, exhaustion, and advanced age. But, for much of high-school I was fighting exhaustion and felt ancient.

And now? Enter the solution: black, feather-light carbon fibre tubes and articulating feet with a ball and socket joint to take the stress off my shoulders and shock absorbers and ergonomic angles that have saved my wrists. They are quiet, sleek and beautiful, with colours and components that go with everything and take me anywhere… My SideStix, I love them to pieces 🙂



*Entry posted in response to the Daily Prompt September 8th (Elegant)


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