In the eyes

My family is full of twinkle-eyed moments, that breath before you realize something better is just around the corner…

Forrest and Dad are highly practiced in this delivery method, where the only glimpse you’ll catch of what’s to come before it’s there, is in the eyes. I’ve never really noticed it in anyone else to such a degree — though when I catch myself in the mirror with twinkly eyes, it’s proof that I am 110% happy.

Walking around the grocery store, hunting down dinner, Mom charged ahead collecting all the essentials while Dad and I took a leisurely stroll up and down all the isles. And an oversized bag of popcorn was just too good to pass up.

Dad grins. “Oh, boy! Just wait and see what you’re mother says… ‘MR! What did you buy that for!?'” He mimics Mom’s character to a T, exasperated laughter and all, making me laugh out loud. He places the package uppermost in the basket and we continue down past the chips and cereal and turn the corner.

Mom is 20 feet ahead browsing for yogurt and ice-cream. Dad turns to me, eyes bright and with carefully assumed nonchalance approaches, coming to rest at my mom’s side, peering avidly at the various tubs and flavours.

Mom glances to the side, and then down at the basket in my father’s hands, popcorn uppermost, “MR! What did you buy that for!?” She sighs dramatically, and Dad and I snigger, prompting a suspicious look and a “What?!” “Nothing! Nothing!” we reply, and the hunt continues.

The popcorn was delicious 🙂


*Entry posted in response to the Daily Prompt September 7th (Twinkle)


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