Well, this prompt, “Plop” made me think almost immediately of a favourite song of mine which I had saved somewhere in digital format, about a river, where the water is being played as percussion, with laughter and activity in the background and then built to include African singing, with the water-based percussion continuing throughout.

Can I remember the name? No. Can I remember the artist? Not a chance.

So, perhaps one of you will know which song I am speaking of? I would dearly love to track it down –pun intended 🙂 Comment below!

In any case, here are a few of my other favourites that were rediscovered in the attempt to rediscover the as yet unknown tune (I tried all sorts of Googling…).

And this one…

And another… (London at 44:35 to 47:13) but, the whole soundtrack is pretty fascinating…

And last but not least…


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