Where does my mind go? See below. Sometimes I feel like everything is a test that I feel shamefully close to failing. Everything. And it all has consequences and considerations. If I say nothing, do nothing, what happens? What do people think? What do I think, really? If I poured all of my energy into this,... Continue Reading →


If we had coffee

Let's drop the facade. I'm gonna come right out and tell you I didn't know how to start this post. But here it is, such as it is. The idea stemmed from another post/prompt/challenge that I'd seen previously and is a regular theme at WordPress, which is to post as if you were having a... Continue Reading →


This week (and there's still Friday...) was a bit of a behemoth. I want to write this post, and one for the daily prompt. But I want chocolate --and time to do nothing --more. I shall return. --Sam

Start? Barely.

This morning was epic. It was a mess. I barely managed to wake up and get out of bed, nearly falling on my face a half-dozen times. I was running a white-hot temp and felt really icky. Ice water and some air with oxygen in it significantly improved my recovery time, however, my keys remained illusive. Several... Continue Reading →

Several hours later

Remember I said I needed a nap? I had one. It ended up being 2.5hrs instead of say, 20mins. But that's ok. I was really in need of it. Obviously. Except now I need to go to sleep for more than 2.5hrs and I can't do it! Check this book of Micro-fiction out, here if... Continue Reading →


So, this was in my head this evening...I had fun putting it together. I can't believe it's only Tuesday...My motto cette semaine is this: 'Keep it short and sweet; don't try too hard.' I am human, not super-human, and sometimes a friendly reminder of that is required. So maybe it's incomplete, or maybe it's entirely... Continue Reading →

Tuesday, snooze-day…

I really need a nap, just to turn the brain off and close my eyes and be ready to face the constant flow of life on opening them again. It's pretty calm, pretty quiet, pretty sunny and I'm feeling pretty good. But a nap is sounding like a really awesome idea. Over and out, --Sam... Continue Reading →

A long time traveller…

Well sometimes you can't change and you can't choose/And sometimes it seems you gain less than you lose (Passenger, Holes) I've had my share of dilemmas. Nothing I want to talk about here and now, but they have existed and do exist. They have shaped my experiences, my sense of the world, and my choices. I've been... Continue Reading →

On point!

I look at my hands, and they are capable. My eyes are bright. My mind is clear. My shoulders are broad and strong. My feet eat up the ground in steady rhythm, in time with the reel singing in my ears. I smile and it is not pretend. I feel beautiful, invincible, warm, happy. I... Continue Reading →

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