Month: September 2016


Where does my mind go? See below. Sometimes I feel like everything is a test that I feel shamefully close to failing. Everything. And it all has consequences and considerations. If I say nothing, do nothing, what happens? What do people think? What do I think, really? If I poured all of my energy into this, … Continue reading Test


If we had coffee

Let's drop the facade. I'm gonna come right out and tell you I didn't know how to start this post. But here it is, such as it is. The idea stemmed from another post/prompt/challenge that I'd seen previously and is a regular theme at WordPress, which is to post as if you were having a … Continue reading If we had coffee


This week (and there's still Friday...) was a bit of a behemoth. I want to write this post, and one for the daily prompt. But I want chocolate --and time to do nothing --more. I shall return. --Sam

Sam’s antonyms

Daily Prompt for Sept 24 (Panic): I'm dead calm and dead tired right now. Watching the black lung parade that starts at 730am (or earlier, but I wouldn't know, because I'm usually not peering out windows before then) and runs continuously to some ungodly hour. I've not ever thought about smoking anything or been pressured … Continue reading Sam’s antonyms