Today has been quite the day. Yesterday was pretty good, too! The whole week has not gone smoothly, but I have felt equal and capable and strong throughout. I’ve lived for me and been clearheaded and just getting a crap-load of stuff done that makes me smile.

I got a tonne done at work today, and it went pretty fast, too — not to be overly superstitious, but you know it’s gonna be a good day when the post machine finally downloads the funds you’ve been trying to get for the past 3 days 🙂

One disgruntled and rather confused caller asked 3 times to speak to someone who was out of the office and then asked irritably, “Are you new?!” which made me smile 🙂 Can’t please everybody. I used to dislike talking on the phone, now though, it provides an ongoing source of information and entertainment.

I had a salmon sandwich for lunch which was to die for. Found a bit of greenspace to lie on and close my eyes for a few minutes over lunch. Met the famous Ruth — she really does exist! 🙂

The day ended perfectly and I walked home, where time slowed right down. And the temperature sky rocketed. My air-conditioned office is near and dear to my heart this time of year!

Escaped into my book for a good 1.5hrs, put the rice on, read some more, chopped some veggies and made stir fry for dinner which was pretty awesome… Read some more and realized it’s not even 8 yet. Thought about playing fiddle (too much movement required) and then settled here to write this. Because, well, then I only need to move my fingers, and I can watch the sun go down while listening to some tunes– that’s as close to multi-tasking as I’m likely to get (science advises against traditional MTing; you think you accomplish more than you actually do, and it fries your brain).

I never realized how short “The Needle and the Damage Done” is. I’ve got it on a loop, because I’m feeling nostalgic and Dad plays this each time he picks up his guitar and it’s what I used to fall asleep to when I was still at home, either from the foot of my bed or hearing it played softly across the hall. Plus, it’s just a really good song.

Good songs happened yesterday too, on my way home, steps matching perfectly with songs that seemed made for high-powered, effortless strides, sunshine and contentment. There’s just such an amazing feeling of connectedness, oneness and joy in moving unhindered.



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