(2) ‘To be alone…’

At home by myself, I’m usually like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

What shall I do first? Make food? Eat food? Read? Play fiddle? Turn on some tunes? Have a nap? Organize stuff? Jump up and down? Emit shrieks of glee? Write? Plan? Wonder?

I’m pretty good at embracing my introverted side 🙂

This goes to a whole other level when I’m on Malaview. Because, well, there’s no traffic or sirens screaming, a ton of trees pushing real oxygen into your lungs, a very good dog, some very good leftovers and great deal of musical and whimsical appreciation.

And I sit here now, out back, watching my dog wiggle his paws in the air, listening to some great tunes and writing the latest in a pretty much stress free– and sweat-free– environment, feeling pretty fabulous.


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