Quebec (1)

It was a midnight flight and I got to see the world wake up. And on the other side? Well, jet lag is real, people! πŸ™‚

I loved meeting up with old friends in the old city and being surrounded by francophones, cobblestones, maple syrup, horse drawn carriages and centuries of history. There are some pretty wonderful beings in the world, and I’m glad I know them πŸ™‚

I crunched and squeaked my way around town, listened to a street pianist run through my sister’s playlist, collaborated with my brother and ate a really great apple-cinnamon maple bar from the cafe at the bottom of the mountain.

I spent a good deal of time marvelling at my brother’s hair, curling off his head with abandon and sifting through the bizarre commentary to hear how fast he made it down πŸ™‚

I had a duck sandwich, which was yummy and a brownie that was absolutely delicious. I read about 850 pages of my book over 8 days, walked the Plains of Abraham, visited Ste. Anne’s Cathedral, had several helpings of ice-cream, oodles of fruit (fig newtons!!!) and many laughs.

The first time we went to the city it was crispy. We were all red and sticky and practically steaming. And there were so many stairs. A lot of stairs. The fifteen hundreds did not come with ramps πŸ™‚

The second time it poured.

KABOOM! The storm breaks over our heads and the rain falls in buckets. Mom, Dad, Forrest and I head for the trees.

“We’re on the wrong side. We’re on the wrong side!”


“We’re on the the wrong side. Of the tree. We’re on the wrong side.”

“This way!”

Forrest and I lean up against the trunk and giggle at the sight of our parents, shoulders hunched, shuffling side by side with their two heads peering out inquistively from under mom’s shawl, muttering like comical gremlins and edging their way slowly toward the dry side of the sheltering cedar.

Later, “I’m surprised you didn’t start sprouting soap bubbles there,” says Mom with a laugh, referring to the fact that in an doomed effort to end the squeaking, Forrest had added some dish soap to the foot assemblies of my Stix the night before.

“That would have been embarrassing…” I say, straight-faced, and Dad and Forrest snort with amusement.

This was pretty good, too! πŸ˜€

More later,

I’m off to eat pancakes for dinner.


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