Ghosts and Salt

"Who ya gonna call? Ghost busters!" The afternoon was miserable. I locked myself out -- all the way out. I was bloody and sweaty and cranky and yucky and clammy and cold. I had no phone, no contacts, no keys. And I was starving. I said to myself, "I need today to be tomorrow, so... Continue Reading →


God only knows…

Laundry, Magic and Toxicity: I re-watched Outlander last night: Season one, part one, disc one, episode one, scene one. It's really the best episode. Just brilliant. I'd love to go behind the scenes on some of my favourite movies, to see all the pieces and how they fit together, kind of a whirl-wind tour, not... Continue Reading →

All at once

9:30 I want to be everywhere, doing everything, all at once.¬†Hooray for weekends! 15:30 I will be honest and say that today has been excellent, bar my industrious neighbour who has been vacuuming his spotless car and even tidier garage with a shop vac for the last half-hour! Please, shut the hell up and go... Continue Reading →

Toasty much?

It's really freaking warm in here! I'm scared to have a shower, because I think a few minutes naked in ice-water won't have much lasting benefit in the current clime, and to have such short relief only to be back to boiling in under 10 minutes seems like cruel and unnecessary punishment. I'm drinking water... Continue Reading →


Today has been quite the day. Yesterday was pretty good, too! The whole week has not gone smoothly, but I have felt equal and capable and strong throughout. I've lived for me and been clearheaded and just getting a crap-load of stuff done that makes me smile. I got a tonne done at work today,... Continue Reading →

Until I fall asleep

I've got new feet on my Stix! They work great and I don't sound like a grumpy duck or hysterical cricket anymore, which is a relief! I walk funny enough as it is, no need to add bizarre sound effects ūüôā I had pancakes for dinner and they were DELICIOUS! Now, I'm going to read... Continue Reading →

“Not to brag or anything…”

A good friend of mine posted this quote: "Not to brag or anything, but I'm kind of a big deal to my dog..." And it just cracked me up. Because that's how I feel when I'm around my dog. It's just crazy that anybody could be¬†that happy to just be with someone, even if they've... Continue Reading →

End of august

I can't believe it is the end of August, just one week left. I'm too tired to write and I'm getting used to reading again, getting back to the things that make me smile after an unfortunate hiatus. I've got tunes by Joni Mitchell, The Rankin Family and Neil Young.¬†I got to hang with Mr.T... Continue Reading →

(3) ‘To be alone…’

This series inspired by the sense of well-being brought on through knowing my dog is loved, Mom's pork satay with yams and fresh tomatoes, homemade milkshakes, peanut butter toast, late night dinners and wide open spaces filled with¬†warm light, singing along to Hozier's¬†To be alone¬†at full volume after a long day of work and travel,... Continue Reading →

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