Act on it

They filmed a zombie movie across from work this week.

I think myself a terrible actor, and yet am surprised every day when, whether it was intended or not, people comment on what I show the world, what I am to different people.

I’ve spent the last few days acting on some things and failing to act on others– tomorrow is last call for all the things I’m not going to write, because, well, I know there are people I know who read this and I don’t really want you to get the wrong impression 🙂

I met someone in person the other day after having spent the last 6 months collaborating over the phone– they said I was just as they had imagined me to be.

I had a panic attack again recently which was, to say the least, very uncomfortable and unnerving, but it definitely helped knowing what it was and I stumbled my way through to the other side and back into coherence.

I’ve come to realize that what Dad says is true, people will talk to the listeners, for as long as they themselves have a story that needs one. I am one, and the stories have been coming hard and fast. And I have to say that I am, quite frankly, exhausted with the hearing and have come here to tell my own story after taking in weeks of upheavals.




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