Anecdotal evidence

Today was great.

I had a plan for yesterday that didn’t quite work out. Attempt 2 turned out better.

I had a decent sleep, woke up, and read my book. Turned on the Sunday breakfast tunes, cleaned the kitchen and made porridge with peanut butter, and maple syrup de momma πŸ™‚

Watched part of a show, measured my hair, dressed and headed out the door. Fifteen minutes later I’m at the hairdressers.

“Do you need your hair cut?” the lady asks — Well, no, now that you ask, I’m here to see a man about a dog or perhaps a bit of bowling… Why else would someone be standing in an empty hair salon on a Sunday morning?

“Yes, please!” I reply, and am ushered into the chair, heart pounding. 10 minutes later and I’m 8 inches shorter in the hair department and feeling literally light headed πŸ™‚

I race home, stop to to chat with a little person selling lemonade (amazing treat on a hot day!) shower and take myself out to lunch before walking over to Grandma’s for a visit. I was offered corn on the cob and ‘Death by Chocolate’ ice-cream, which was delicious but had me practicing my ventriloquism when engaged in impromptu conversation on the bus home, hoping nobody noticed if there was anything left stuck in my teeth.

And now, pajamas and a movie πŸ™‚

All’s well that ends well,





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