More Joy

The past weekend was amazing, I loved it. I had it all.

First, it was an extra day off, so I did whatever I wanted and didn’t feel guilty in the slightest about using the day for my own purposes.

It rained next, so I cleaned up, had the place to myself, read my book, drank lots of tea and had a great time.

Then, it was sunny. I went for splendid brunch on the patio with a friend, visited Grandma, had a swim, soaked up a little sun pool-side (forgot the SPF, but escaped relatively unscathed).

Hopped on the sea-bus and enjoyed the crossing. Impromptu entertainment by a Nova Scotian Mr. Tumnus with a set of pipes and beatboxing talent.

Met my sister downtown, grabbed a bite, wandered, saw a free concert by Dehli to Dublin (two thumbs way up), found some super snack combos — baby carrots and Oreos, continued viewing said free concert under a beautiful blanket and night sky, with sister and snacks.

Made the journey home uneventful (thank goodness) and hit the hay with a smile.

It was genuine, it was quality, respect, love, laughter and such good fun, for three entire days.

Thank you to everyone who made it happen, you are amazing 🙂


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