The Chronicles of the Day (1)

I watched a terrible movie and went to bed late.

I slept in, and read two more chapters of The Fiery Cross. Jamie has recovered from the snakebite that nearly took his life and his leg, and Roger recalls the night his mother was taken from him. Adso the cat gets into trouble and Lizzie’s malaria is revealed.

I had some porridge for breakfast, in keeping with the Scottish theme– though it left a lot to be desired, I ate it all anyways, watching the cars speed by and think of all the ‘nexts’ to come today.

My muscles are under strain. I’ve been a snake coiled to strike for the past week. All the buses I’ve gone for, I’ve missed. My crutches are crunchy and I need to take them apart, but I’ve put it off and switched pairs and now I can feel the muscles that don’t usually burn, having a bio-mechanical advantage, burn. It’s like an abstract anatomy lesson, and all I know is that it hurts.

So, that’s on my list for today, as is recycling. Groceries can maybe wait a day, though I’d like to make some lemonade and pay the bills. Write a few emails– who does that anymore?! I used to be connected to the world through my laptop. Now though, not so much. I’ve no school projects, no building networks from scratch, no fast-friends zipping messages back and forth. I use my technology now for whimsical pursuits rather than the work related.

I have a craving for something clean and new. A new shirt, a pair of undies, a book, a place to explore, something!

I’ve got to move; to get my day started, because my right arm is in the sun beam through the window and it is on fire!

Until next time,


  • The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon
  • Daily Prompt: Burn

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