The Chronicles of the Day (2)

I got a fair bit sorted today, so far.

I’m a big fan of doing things in stages, and the stage I’m at now is the ‘let’s have a seista on a Saturday’ stage.

I’m off to read for a bit, then a bit of stair climbing (literally, I have to get to the basement) and tidying and then, maybe I’ll watch the sun set and do some yoga?

I feel like friggin’ Jacob Marely’s ghost with these hidden burdens that no one can see and reading and writing are a few of the ways I go about saving myself (A Christmas Carol)

I also have a rather unique sense of humour and love to quote my favourite books and movies — just once, I wish someone would geek out and quote something in return, sigh!

Sometimes it is so hard to relate to other ‘human beans’… (The BFG).


Photo on 2016-07-02 at 5.42 PM #2
Not a lot that I have, am or do is just for show, or in black and white, but this photo is! Love my place, my cello and fooling around on Photo Booth when I’m bored 🙂

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