Chronicles of the Day (3)

Soup, veggies, tea, lemonade, chocolate, peanut butter toast… It was all pretty delicious.

I just puttered and organized and hummed to my heart’s content today. You should see my chalkboard — I’ve covered it entirely. And my kettle, well, I can see me in it again, LOL.

I’m excited for tomorrow and an assortment of adventures, brunch with a good friend, maybe a concert and swim. Hopefully time for a load of laundry and some Stix maintenance — and more tunes and reading.

In other news, the count down is on, which, now that I think about it, is making me a little nervous. It’s like looking over a cliff to the ocean, so fresh and salty and inviting adventure, into which you’ve jumped a thousand times before, while at the same time praying to God you don’t take a mis-step and belly flop. It’s equal parts anticipation and dread.

Yet, I learn something new everyday, know myself a little better every day, connect with someone everyday and get high on the good stuff, like homemade ice-cream, and peanut butter, and chocolate, spontaneous conversations, hours in a book, absorbed in the creative process…And that it brings me joy.

These days have been joyful, and I hope to say the same for pieces of the ones to come.

Good night, friends!



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