Month: July 2016

Act on it

They filmed a zombie movie across from work this week. I think myself a terrible actor, and yet am surprised every day when, whether it was intended or not, people comment on what I show the world, what I am to different people. I've spent the last few days acting on some things and failing … Continue reading Act on it


Restless beat

I can't settle today, nothing has pulled me in. I miss the rain, my dog and having someone to talk to about what's on my mind. I am simmering all day. The nights are better, quieter. Right now the air is cool on my heated skin, and my fingers are sharp with the scent of rosin. … Continue reading Restless beat


I am that tired, that I am ready to jump into pajamas at 7pm. I'm craving eggs and chocolate and rain, among other things -- something with a beginning, middle and end. None of this "ongoing" business-- except happiness, if that could be "ongoing" that would be good 🙂 Later, alligator... --Sam