Act on it

They filmed a zombie movie across from work this week. I think myself a terrible actor, and yet am surprised every day when, whether it was intended or not, people comment on what I show the world, what I am to different people. I've spent the last few days acting on some things and failing... Continue Reading →


Restless beat

I can't settle today, nothing has pulled me in. I miss the rain, my dog and having someone to talk to about what's on my mind. I am simmering all day. The nights are better, quieter. Right now the air is cool on my heated skin, and my fingers are sharp with the scent of rosin.... Continue Reading →


I'm feeling pretty good right now. I've eaten lots of good food and had lots of good conversations -- only had one person hang up on me for July so far 🙂 I cut my hair, so now it's short and curly and I feel like a new person. I had potatoes and chicken with... Continue Reading →

Anecdotal evidence

Today was great. I had a plan for yesterday that didn't quite work out. Attempt 2 turned out better. I had a decent sleep, woke up, and read my book. Turned on the Sunday breakfast tunes, cleaned the kitchen and made porridge with peanut butter, and maple syrup de momma 🙂 Watched part of a... Continue Reading →


I am that tired, that I am ready to jump into pajamas at 7pm. I'm craving eggs and chocolate and rain, among other things -- something with a beginning, middle and end. None of this "ongoing" business-- except happiness, if that could be "ongoing" that would be good 🙂 Later, alligator... --Sam

All of me:

Daily Prompt: (Feast) “What do you put in your wraps? Everything?” “Yep.” “Me too, LOL!” And, go! Jade and I are loose in the grocery store, gathering armfuls of ingredients, having run down Lonsdale in the evening sun, catching each other up on the latest. We feast on veggie wraps and greek salad, truffle hummus... Continue Reading →

Food Motivated

I don't understand when people say they don't like to make their own food, or when they survive on store-bought sweets, pre-sliced pieces of plastic cheese, chips and bottles of coke. There is more to life, people, trust me. Life can be pretty rotten sometimes, I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes, I don't believe I could... Continue Reading →


I find lately that my capacity to deal with the complexity of the world is declining. There are just too many layers and interpretations and questions and motives and maladies. I'd like to read a good book and have a nap, wake up and eat something yummy, maybe a cup of tea. Simple. Done. None... Continue Reading →

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