Senses Overmuch

A Quest for Restfulness:

I may have trust issues. I definitely have sensory overload.

The ground was hot and rolled under my feet. My face burned. My toes curled. Who put on a gallon of hairspray today, smoked a pack and drank a 24? Who forgot to shower, change a diaper and evict the toe jam? Pull up your pants! Keep your shirt on! Who thought it would be cool to leave the fridge full of rotten produce, burn the toast and attempt to DJ? The sirens wail, the kids shriek and I want to cry. Or choke, and die.

The visual is overwhelming, the auditory is arresting, the taste is revolting, the smell is suffocating and the feel is that of a smothering.

I’m either helter-skelter for the bus or stuck in what might as well be the middle of nowhere, for what seems like forever. I endure radio silence or else have queries coming back every 5 seconds about what it is I’m doing, exactly, or what it is they’re doing, exactly.

I’m bending over backwards right now and I don’t like it one bit.

Here’s the solution, it’s easy.

Me: My home + headphones + food + water + downtime = 🙂

You and me: My home + Coffee, tea or alcohol + Muffin, pizza, soup, sushi or sandwich + movie/moderate conversation = 🙂

Oh! And if you bring it in, you’re packing it out! I’ve not rebranded to Sami’s Storage Spot. Please! Thanks!

End rant.

–Sam (in a very small, very quiet bubble)


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