Saturday’s blurb

Today has been good. I slept in (!!!), read, remembered to eat, forgot to worry, and smiled at the sun.

I played some cello– I have to say I don’t have much, but what I have, I love. My desk chair doubles as a cello-chair, which works perfectly, and believe me when I say that’s no small accomplishment. It was nice to play loud and feel the vibrations through my whole body, goof around a little bit and just relax.

I feel like everything’s on a trial run at the moment.

I’ve got to pack my laundry or risk doing a disservice, find out what exactly I can recycle and where, and electronics and Stix-wise, well I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m working on it.

I’m dying for some one-on-one at my house. I just need a day to spend feeling un-rushed and in good company, where some of those burning and admittedly random questions might actually get answered.

I think half-portions and takeout are both really good ideas — not sure why I didn’t think of that before.

I wonder if Shaun would mind if I had a barbecue with M+D, F+R and some tunes in the courtyard?

It would be nice if I had the ability to order people about sometimes, brook no opposition, pre-program, if you will: You are going to do this and you will enjoy it! — But I can’t commandeer conversations, not like some people.

I got told off once for trying to fit a word in. “Now, listen to me!” I was like, dude! You do realize I come from a family of exceptional listeners, am highly intelligent and do not appreciate being told to shut the hell up so that you can continue your random rant. How about you listen to me for a change? You might learn something. But in this case, that would have added fuel to a fire I did not want to fight, so I just glowered instead. Sometimes, you have to pick your battles.

I’m going to have pasta for dinner and watch a movie.


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