when one needs a dog…

You don’t have to be extreme, you can just be intelligent!

I have debates and conversations with myself quite often. I used to talk to my dogs a lot, tell them all about my day, share my views. Just knowing there is another conscious being in the room who cares about you means so much, adds so much.

I’d  go for walks in the rain when everything smelled cool and green fresh – and like wet dog, or hunker down in the garage for a LOTR marathon and some training games and snuggles. I love breathing in that doggy or baby dog smell, lying on the floor beside my friend discussing the days events, spending an intimate moment where it’s just you and them and the world disappears. I love that they could make me laugh, teaching me that it is better to  smile than to cry, but that crying is ok too, when the hurt is too much.

I miss Kita’s patience, and large presence, her boldness, curiousity and love of learning. I miss Twinkie’s goofiness, and the small solid weight of him on my chest. I miss watching his eyebrows dance and playing fetch in the yard. I miss his enthusiasm and decisiveness. I miss always having someone to talk to, as a friend and confident, where no explanations  were necessary and no rude interjections or suppositions were imposed.

I have this blog, which, although not a dog, is still pretty great. Though sometimes, on days like today, my fingers stop flying long before my mind rests and I have nothing left to say.




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