Month: June 2016

Senses Overmuch

A Quest for Restfulness: I may have trust issues. I definitely have sensory overload. The ground was hot and rolled under my feet. My face burned. My toes curled. Who put on a gallon of hairspray today, smoked a pack and drank a 24? Who forgot to shower, change a diaper and evict the toe jam? Pull up your … Continue reading Senses Overmuch


Saturday’s blurb

Today has been good. I slept in (!!!), read, remembered to eat, forgot to worry, and smiled at the sun. I played some cello-- I have to say I don't have much, but what I have, I love. My desk chair doubles as a cello-chair, which works perfectly, and believe me when I say that's … Continue reading Saturday’s blurb

It’s happening now

Daily Prompt: Attempt #9 (Aimless) My Dad asked me for good comebacks over dinner, for when curious family, friends and others hear about our family's exploits and passions and life-ways. I've come to the conclusion that people will always, for the foreseeable future, ask what it is I am doing or am planning to do … Continue reading It’s happening now

Grand schemes and slimy sidewalks

I'm off kilter lately, feeling breathless and whether that's from being terrified or in another heightened state, I honestly have no idea -- things change so fast! My mind is going a million miles and hour. This was my day: Apple porridge while looking at the rain coming in sheets down from the sky. Brisk … Continue reading Grand schemes and slimy sidewalks