Senses Overmuch

A Quest for Restfulness: I may have trust issues. I definitely have sensory overload. The ground was hot and rolled under my feet. My face burned. My toes curled. Who put on a gallon of hairspray today, smoked a pack and drank a 24? Who forgot to shower, change a diaper and evict the toe jam? Pull up your... Continue Reading →


Saturday’s blurb

Today has been good. I slept in (!!!), read, remembered to eat, forgot to worry, and smiled at the sun. I played some cello-- I have to say I don't have much, but what I have, I love. My desk chair doubles as a cello-chair, which works perfectly, and believe me when I say that's... Continue Reading →

Trying not to…

I'm trying not to let anxiety get the better of me, which it has for the past week-ish. I'm trying not to worry, and just write instead. I had the world's most stressful evening and crappiest sleep with the world's most crowded head last night. I tried not to worry and  ate some chocolate, watched... Continue Reading →


I often feel guilty for talking about what interests me, for speaking my mind and for staying in my comfort zone. But it was so good to be able to spend the day with Dad, and do just that, even if it wasn't all super interesting or well-scripted. To laugh at stupid jokes and quote The Hobbit, find... Continue Reading →


Feeling crummy. Too much going on in my head. Facebook is wasted on me and I think some soup is in order... --Sam

It’s happening now

Daily Prompt: Attempt #9 (Aimless) My Dad asked me for good comebacks over dinner, for when curious family, friends and others hear about our family's exploits and passions and life-ways. I've come to the conclusion that people will always, for the foreseeable future, ask what it is I am doing or am planning to do... Continue Reading →


I feel terrible; I'm just completely out of gas. I don't want to eat any food, talk to anyone, listen to any sound or do anything. What I do want is to go to sleep in dark, soundproof room and wake up to breakfast in bed, but the chances of that happening are pretty slim. I'm dizzy... Continue Reading →

Grand schemes and slimy sidewalks

I'm off kilter lately, feeling breathless and whether that's from being terrified or in another heightened state, I honestly have no idea -- things change so fast! My mind is going a million miles and hour. This was my day: Apple porridge while looking at the rain coming in sheets down from the sky. Brisk... Continue Reading →


Good day at work today. Some laughs, some teaching ops, some brownies, rain and sun and a needed tidying and tying of loose ends. Three quarters back to where I have my space the way I want it, taking a needed break from the housework that is ongoing. I hurt, and my crutches are crunchy... Continue Reading →

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